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Demo videos

A list of Demo Videos showing few closed for public back-end areas and how the tasks were performed.




The purpose of this project is to track the activity in the office. This is mainly focused on the company-client relations such as: project schedules or client management, as well as a regular office routine such as time sheets or vacations. Every aspect of an office activity is framed within this project.



Induction Panel

The Induction Panel allows an employer to assign an employee or a contractor a set of courses and tests to perform. Each inductee can complete them at his own convenient time. After successful completion a Certificate can be printed out. Each Certificate is by default valid for a period of twelve months.



Maintenance System

Online tool to manage and track on-going services, repairs, fix etc. So far 28 buildings are using this system of mine – every job that is required by the building manager is being sent to the company of choice (or by default), also created within the system with the unique ID and the password. There are four types of users altogether: super admin, building manager, level manager and company, each of those having an unique login and password, allowing them to see portions of the site, with super user having see every single thing and the building manager and company being limited to view just enough.



CMS + dynamic CSS

Little example of a very simple Content Management System.