Greg Bialowas


Legacy Projects.


21+ years of expericnce.


I use latest versions of HTML and CSS to make a flat .psd or .pdf layout be an interactive, attractive and living! website


This involves all kinds of CMS solutions, but is not limited to. Programming skills can be useful while coding a simple website, too!


Apart from designing websites I also use my skills to retouch old, and not only, pictures to restore their fresh look and colours



Developing the Full Stack

Two decades of programming

I am a full stack developer with 20+ years of experience, who uses own programming solutions.

My main area of expertise and experience is building  CMS solutions for small, medium and big sized companies.

I build all kinds of Management Systems that are required, based on project’s specifics and tailored to each project, customly handcrafted.

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Legacy Projects

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A bigger and of course a better version of previous project of CBP California with similar functionalities, only taken to the higher level with more complex options on the backend side

California Luxury Estate

Programmed to virtually take control over a building’s daily functioning. Allows opening and monitoring various jobs like plumbing, cleaning, electrical, secutiry etc. and assigning them to 3rd party companies.

Building Maintenance System

Companies I had pleasure working with


The site of Los Angeles based painter and graphic designer. The look & feel was designed by the artist herself.

Jennifer Springman

A new look and feel for company specializing in online marketing, SEO and E-Commerce solutions.

Web Traffic Service

My first, semi-professional and semi-private portfolio, developed while I was actively looking for a web developer positon in Cairns, Australia.

Portfolio 2002-2005

An online magazine, issued every couple of months that was ordered by Coldwell Banker. I was involved as a CSS (html) coder in creation the first four issues.

Previews Inside Out E-Zine

Simple site coded and programmed using CodeIgniter framework.

Portfolio 2010-2014 (Codeigniter)

Gina Brooke – Madonna`s make up artist. This was a very simple page that served Gina for couple of years. I was responsible for updating the site with new articles, images, videos, etc.

Madonna's Make Up Artist Gina Brooke

A new enterprise in Las Vegas (2008-2010). New citie’s landmark.

World Jewelry Center

Second website that served as my online portfolio and covering a little bit more about me, than does my current site,

Portfolio 2005-2010